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Concern:  “I'm concerned that the judge or opposing counsel will take exception to, or object to, the narration.” 


Response:  The narration and the animation are supported by the provided references, but it's really a moot point because the narration isn't intended to be played during the expert's testimony.  It's more for marketing purposes (to help attorneys understand the point of the animation and what is being demonstrated in the various animation sequences).  The narration also helps guide the experts through the animation as they first watch it.  The experts would explain what is being demonstrated in the animation sequences using their own words during trial.



Concern:  “Can the "Neuron Suicide Murder" be removed from the title slide at the beginning of the animation? I'm concerned about objections to that phrasing.” 


Response:  The term "Neuron/Suicide Murder" is an accepted term used in the medical/scientific community to describe the process shown in the animation.  Many attorneys do not understand the "Neuron Suicide/Murder" terminology, and without specifically mentioning it in the title, those attorneys may not appreciate that this animation explains this medical/scientific process.  For that reason, the "Suicide/Murder" terminology is included in the title for marketing purposes as much as anything (so attorneys know that the animation addresses this process).  The options to avoid the display of this terminology in court include: 1) for the attorneys to start the animation immediately after the title slide or 2) MediVisuals can edit the language from the title slide (or omit those particular words from the title slide) at the cost of ~$50.



Concern:  “The video is too long.  Can it be shortened to better hold the attention of the jurors?” 


Response:  Most of the feedback received by viewers of the animation is in contrast to this opinion.  The video addresses multiple issues, each in a time span that may even require pausing of the video so the expert can expound on certain points.  Visuals also help hold the attention of jurors and aid in the understanding of complex issues better than the spoken word alone.  The preponderance of opinions is also that the "cell suicide murder" portion of the animation should not be rushed through because one of the major points of the video is that this process occurs over a period of weeks, months or even years and should not be shown occurring in the blink of an eye.  Irrespective of all of the above, if the testifying expert takes exception to any particular part of the animation or would like changes of any kind made to better support their specific testimony, edits can be made at MediVisuals' typical billable rate.



Concern: "Can the References articles (in their entirety) be provided to the purchasers of the animation?" 


Response:  MediVisuals would very much like to be able to provide those reference articles in full, but to do so would be a violation of copyright laws as the articles are owned by their original publishers. The articles can be found via any number of subscription-based academic search engines using the information provided.

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