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$3.750 Million Settlement – Traumatic Brain Injury and

LeFort Fractures Sustained in Motor Vehicle Collision 

November 03, 2016

Congratulations to David B. Yarborough, Jr., Esq. of the Yarborough Applegate Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina for the $3,750,000.00 settlement he obtained on behalf of his client, a 56-year-old man who sustained multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, leaving him with many residual effects.


The Plaintiff was working on site as a construction worker paving a roadway when he was struck in the head by the side mirror of a truck driven by the defendant, who had a .25 blood alcohol level (approximately). He was thrown up in the air before landing on the pavement. He lost consciousness during the injury and was confused. The Plaintiff’s co-workers immediately called the EMS, who transported him to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as a trauma patient.


The Plaintiff sustained multiple complex facial fractures, including a LeFort type I fracture, separation of the mid-face from the skull base, on both the right and left side, and a LeFort II fracture on the right. Additionally, he sustained fractures of the nose, bilateral orbital floors (eye socket), and mandible (jaw). The Plaintiff has frequent headaches and chronic pain in his face, right shoulder, right leg, and occasionally in his lower back. He has difficulty concentrating or staying focused on the task at hand and suffers from irritability and emotional disturbances. The severity of the injuries the Plaintiff sustained to his face and head have had residual effects on his primary senses, including hearing, taste, and smell. He has a 41% hearing impairment on the left and 17% hearing impairment on the right.


The Defense contended that the defendant was not visibly intoxicated at the time he left the restaurant. They disputed the culture of heavy drinking and claimed that this was an anomaly.  They also disputed the extent of the Plaintiff’s injuries and the need for future medical care.  


The case settled for $3,750,000 (broken down as $500,000 paid by the Defendant and $3,250,000 paid by Restaurant who served the Defendant alcohol).


Mr. Yarborough, Jr.  partnered with MediVisuals to utilize the skull & brain model as a demonstrative aid in the traumatic brain injury case.



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