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MediVisuals provides the highest level of worry-free service available including superior case consultation and the development of accurate, cost-effective visual solutions for all your litigation needs.

MediVisuals' primary service is the conceptualization and development of visuals that make medical and technical expert testimony more understandable and memorable, contributing to just resolution of litigation.  The company has more than 34 years of experience working with some of the nation's leading M.D.s , Ph.D.s, attorneys, and trial consultants.  MediVisuals’ end products include truthful, understandable, and persuasive illustrations, animations, 3D digital models, 3D physical models, and interactive digital presentations.


With three offices and the nation's largest private staff of professional medical-legal illustrators and animators, MediVisuals is the nation's largest and most experienced medical demonstrative evidence provider.  Attorneys and other legal and medical professionals from all 50 United States, Canada, and other countries regularly seek MediVisuals’ services.  Areas of specialization include personal injury, product liability, medical malpractice, and mass tort litigation.  MediVisuals also provides graphics for textbook and journal publishing as well as medical device and pharmaceutical advertising.

If you are an attorney or other legal professional considering the development of graphics to support medical or technical litigation, contact MediVisuals for an immediate and intelligent response to your case needs.  You and your client will benefit from MediVisuals’ knowledge and experience in medical demonstrative evidence.


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About MediVisuals

The chart above compares MediVisuals to other groups that offer medical illustration and animation services.  Unlike many companies that provide medical demonstrative evidence, MediVisuals is owned and operated by medical illustrators and animators.  They eat, breath and live medicine, anatomy and pathology.  As the first bar in the chart shows, the majority of MediVisuals’ staff are medical illustrators, all of whom have earned their master’s degrees from one of only four accredited Medical Illustration programs in all of North America.


Most medium-sized or large demonstrative evidence companies employ a large number of administrative and sales staff, general illustrators, and graphic artists.  Only a small percentage of the staff are medical illustrators, and most of their "medical illustrators" are not graduates from accredited programs. These companies' primary business is providing general graphics for a wide variety of case types, and they offer Medical illustration only as a sideline. The above chart shows that a specific demonstrative evidence company, which employs one of the largest number of medical illustrators in the industry, has only 4 medical illustrators from accredited programs on staff (only 10% of the company).  By comparison, MediVisuals’ employs 14 accredited medical illustrators, meaning that over 65% of the staff are qualified to consult and work on your case.


The final bar represents a number of small or solo providers of medical illustration and animation services.  There are many of these individuals or companies scattered across the country.  Some of the medical illustrators and animators with these companies are graduates from accredited programs, but many are not.  They generally have lower overheads.  However, their knowledge and experience are severely limited by the very small number of cases they are able to work on and learn from.  Without an extensive archive of illustrations, these small companies are less able to pass savings on to clients by quickly and efficiently "spring boarding" new illustrations and animations from existing artwork.  Instead, the solo-practitioners find themselves creating a far greater number of graphics "from scratch" on each case.  When unforeseen circumstances arise, small companies are also less able to divert resources to completing a project for a critical deadline: when a one-man medical illustration company has the flu. . . the whole company has the flu.

MediVisuals has a large team of visual experts working with you to maximize the understanding and impact of your client’s injuries.  Our expert staff offers in-depth consultation and has the experience, knowledge and resources to prepare cost-effective, timely images for a wide range of medical subjects to bring about positive resolutions for your cases.  You will find that working with MediVisuals can significantly and positively change your case outcome and how you approach medical demonstrative aids.


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