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Neuron Suicide and Murder: Traumatic Axonal Injury Resulting in Delayed and/or Progressive Symptoms

In collaboration with some of the nation's leading medical experts and trial attorneys who specialize in "mild traumatic brain injury (mild TBI)," MediVisuals has developed an animation that demonstrates how traumatic brain injuries can occur without a significant blow to the head and without being evidenced on imaging studies.Animated sequences based upon crash tests demonstrate the movements associated with a "typical" sudden deceleration incident. Multiple other animation sequences explain the anatomy involved and show the soft, fragile brain impacting on the hard and uneven inner surface of the skull. The sequences demonstrate how multiple axonal injuries can occur from the shearing forces (both with and without hemorrhage and both with and without positive findings on imaging studies). An additional animation sequence demonstrates how the combined deceleration and rotational forces result in axonal injury in the corpus callosum.

Neurological Pathways

Scan Selector

Mild TBI

Cascade Effect of Single Axon Loss

Brain Injury: Animations

CT Findings: Scattered Intracranial Hemorrhages

CT Findings: Depressed Frontal Bone Fracture

MediVisuals’ exclusive NEW! innovative 3D diagnostic imaging technology uses CT or MRI data to show clients’ actual anatomy more clearly and accurately than ever before.  The end-product may be a video or an interactive digital model which can be rotated and enlarged by the user.  Both formats are easily understood by laypeople.  This FDA cleared technology is currently in use at large medical facilities.

ACTUAL Anatomy. ACTUAL Evidence.

Brain Injury: Illustrations

Please use the following categories below to search our Illustration Library and review our featured exhibits.

Brain Anatomy & Function Control Interactive Stock or Customized Versions

Interactive images and text related to brain anatomy, function, and symptoms of impairment help correlate subtle impairments to areas of the brain that were injured during a traumatic event.  This easy-to-navigate interactive can be used "as is" in many cases or can be modified to address a specific plaintiff's impairments.

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Brain Injury Visuals

As an innovator of demonstrative aids, MediVisuals has developed a variety of tools, which accurately depict injury and effectively teach the difficult pathology involved in traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or would like to use our exhibits for CLE presentations please contact us.

Visually communicate a plaintiff’s head / brain injuries through custom-built software that allows the attorney to show all injuries, surgeries in one concise, impactful digital format that is easy to navigate and understand. It enables the user to use the clients CT / MRI scans and have the ability to turn illustartions and text on and off with a click of a button.

Digital Interactive Scan Selector

Brain Digital Interactive Presentations

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